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Agua Fria National Monument

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Black Canyon City, Arizona 85324
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Agua Fria NM--Badger Springs Wash

Coordinates: 34.2291015, -112.0992243
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About Badger Springs Trail

Badger Springs offers a short trail for non-motorized users within the Agua Fria National Monument. The trail leads down the Badger Springs Wash to the Agua Fria River canyon, an area rich in archaeological resources. The confluence of Badger Springs and the Agua Fria is the location of a fantastic panel of petroglyphs. At the confluence, hikers can travel either upstream or downstream to explore this high desert canyon. Most years the river flows through early summer. Mule deer, white-tail deer, javelina and coyotes roam the area.

About Agua Fria National Monument

The Agua Fria contains one of the most significant systems of prehistoric sites in the American Southwest, including Pueblo La Plata, a major settlement of stone masonry pueblos. In addition to the rich record of human history, the monument contains outstanding biological resources. The area is the home to coyotes, bobcats, antelope, mule deer, javelina, a variety of small mammals and songbirds. Eagles and other raptors are also a draw for birdwatchers. Hiking, viewing cultural sites, wildlife viewing, hunting (big game and upland game birds), scenic drives, and four-wheel driving are among the activities available on the monument. The elevation ranges from 2,000 to 4,000 feet.
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