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Mittry Lake

Coordinates: 32.8268076, -114.4490433
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Mittry Lake--south overlook

Coordinates: 32.8205055, -114.4706753
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Tips for birding Mittry Lake

Desert-scrub and riparian woodland habitats are home to diverse desert wildlife. Neotropical birds find the area attractive. Riparian birds like the yellow-billed cuckoo, summer tanager, and the federally endangered southwestern willow flycatcher may use the area.

Yuma clapper rails nest on site. Surveys have also revealed California black rails, and Virginia rails nesting along the shore. The marsh also supports American coot, common moorhen, western least bittern, and pied-billed grebe.

Winter users include duck species, sora, American white pelican, double-crested cormorant and northern harrier. Year-round users include black-crowned night-heron, great blue heron, snowy egret, osprey, and many others.
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About Mittry Lake

Take AZ-95 east 7 miles from Yuma, AZ. Turn north on Avenue 7E, go north 9 1/2 miles to pavement end. Continue on and Mittry Lake begins approximately 1/2 mile past end of pavement.

The Mittry Lake Wildlife Area includes about 600 acres of water surface and 2400 acres of marsh or upland. A wide variety of vegetative and wildlife species can be found here, with a scenic backdrop of three mountain ranges. Numerous serpentine waterways connect to main lake body and make exploring by boat a unique experience. This area is jointly managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, and the Arizona Game and Fish Department.
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L269932 US US-AZ US-AZ-027 32.8268076 -114.4490433 Mittry Lake
L688663 US US-AZ US-AZ-027 32.8205055 -114.4706753 Mittry Lake--south overlook