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Sharing a Checklist with other Birders in eBird

On any page in the eBird web site, click on the tab “My eBird”
external image eBird%20My%20eBird.jpeg?dl=1

In the right column under My Observations select the second item “Manage My Observations”
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Locate the checklist you wish to share (Note that the list is in chronological order with your newest checklists listed first. If you want to see all of your checklists on one page, click on “Show All” in the upper right corner. You can use the search function in your browser to search for a date or location.)
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Click on “Share” on the right on the line of the checklist you wish to share.
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Add the email addresses, separated by commas, of those with whom you wish to share the checklist in the box provided. They will receive an email indicating that you have shared the checklist. They can choose to add it to their eBird or not. You may type an option message in the box provided for that.
external image eBird%20save%20share.jpeg?dl=1

When you are ready, click on “Share Checklist”

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