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Tips on using this web site

How to Suggest one of your Personal Locations as a Hotspot

On any page in eBird click on "My eBird"
external image eBird%20My%20eBird.jpeg?dl=1

In the column on the right "My Observations" click on the fourth item "Manage My Locations"
external image eBird%20Manage%20My%20Locations.jpeg?dl=1

This brings up a list of your personal locations. Note the search box where you may type all or part of the name of the location you want to find:
external image eBird%20Find%20personal%20location.jpeg?dl=1

Type the name of the location you want to suggest as a Hotspot and select it from the list that pops up:
external image eBird%20find%20personal%20location%202.jpeg?dl=1

On the Edit Location screen, note the link "Suggest as Hotspot" below the name of the location and to the right of the coordinates. Click on "Suggest as a Hotspot".
external image eBird%20suggest%20as%20hot%20spot.jpeg?dl=1

You will get a message asking if you are sure you want to suggest this as a Hotspot. Click on "Yes".
external image eBird%20suggest%20as%20hot%20spot%20are%20you%20sure.jpeg?dl=1

The Hotspot reviewer will then get a message from eBird that you have suggested a Hotspot and will review the suggestion and get back to you about it.